Elletro / MIG 176 ADJ SYNERGIC

Τεχνικά φυλλάδια προϊόντος


Single-phase INVERTER power source, suitable for welding in MIG/MAG mode and, by polarity reverse, with flux cored wire with no gas protection.
It has a compact design, low weight and offers the possibility to be connected to home mains (2,5kW) and to generators with an adequate power.
Thanks to all these characteristics, it’s an ideal machine for maintenance, repair, installation and on site welding.
It comes with MIG TE 140 torch and earth cable.

• It has curves optimized for iron and flux cored wire.
• A dedicated control is provided for fine tuning the arc length. 
• It’s equipped with PFC (Power Factor Correction) device to reduce and stabilize the power absorption.

Τεχνικά χαρακτηριστικά

Code S00216
Input Voltage 1x230V 50-60Hz
Absorbed power 35% 4,2 kVA – 60% 3,7 kVA – 100% 3,2 kVA
MIN-MAX Welding current 18 – 160 A
Duty cycle – 10 MIN CYCLE ACCORDING TO EN 60974-1 35% 160A – 60% 140A – 100% 120A
Regulation steps Electronic stepless regulation
Wire size (solid) Ø mm 0,6 -0,8 – 1,0
Wire diameter (cored) Ø mm 0,9
Max. wire spool size Ø 200 mm / 5 kg.
Protection class IP23
Construction standards EN60974 – 1 / EN60974-10
Dimensions 210x370x410h mm
Weight 12 kg